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Mind Body Spirit Release™








Many kids can be traumatized by the education system. If they are struggling in school or have anxiety, they may have limiting beliefs and emotional blocks on their subconscious that are preventing them from achievement.

Bree offers additional support in Mind Body Spirit Release™ with a focus on literacy, learning, or any other stressor.  

She has found that there is huge growth in the whole child when blocks on the subconscious are removed through Mind Body Spirit Release™.

Adult Sessions

Bree also offers support in Mind Body Spirit Release™ for adults. You do not need to have a child working with Literacy Expanded to sign up for a session. 

Child Sessions

Mind Body Spirit Release™

Organs, tissues, and cells store and remember what an individual goes through in life and it often can hinder the body's innate and powerful ability to heal. Mind Body Spirit Release™  is designed to help remove cellular imprints in the body as a result of negative experiences and trauma we endure through life. Once identified, the stored trauma will be released and you will be given next steps for continued growth and change.

Virtual Muscle Testing

Our bodies have an energetic field that houses the information contained in our subconscious minds. This information can include trauma, emotional blocks, and limiting beliefs. Muscle testing is a method to get biofeedback from the body through the use of a pendulum. Bree can connect to the energy of the body to identify what is holding your child back. This can be done virtually due to quantum physics and the theory of quantum entanglement.


Gabby B.

(9 year old daughter)

"My daughter, who is a second language learner, adopted at age 4, has been working with Literacy Expanded since 2020. She has grown to be at or above grade level in many areas of literacy.  This fall and winter she had several MBSR™ sessions with Bree, which helped remove blocks and negative patterns that were holding her back. She went from the 75 percentile in reading to the 95 percentile in reading on her IReady reading assessment."

Amanda S.

(10 year old son)

Bree and Ashley at Literacy Expanded have made such a huge impact on my child’s life. He suffers from not only dyslexia and ADHD, but emotional and psychological stress from years of self-doubt and educational trauma. He used to have behavioral issues in class and a lack of confidence, but after the MBSR™ clearings and Orton-Gillingham tutoring, he is at grade level in reading, much more respectful, receptive to help, and has even signed up for extracurricular school-driven activities, which he never had interest in before. Literacy Expanded's tutoring and clearings are amazing and will change your child's life for the better.

Kelly S.

(11 year old daughter)

“My daughter was struggling with severe anxiety and PTSD for three years. We had tried many things to support her (play & talk therapy, EMDR, Neurofeedback) and nothing seemed to work. Her life was completely changed after 5 sessions of MBSR™ with Bree.  She was no longer having extremely anxious thoughts or panic attacks; she can go to sleep at night, and she even chose to go to 5th grade overnight camp after years of not being able to stay the night away from her house! We are so grateful!”
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