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Working with the Whole Child

Bree offers additional support in root cause energy work as an add on to any tutoring service.

She has found that there is huge growth in the whole child when they are supported through

tutoring and energy work. 

Mind Body Spirit Release™

Organs, tissues, and cells store and remember what an individual goes through in life and it often can hinder the body's innate and powerful ability to heal. Mind Body Spirit Release™  is designed to help remove cellular imprints in the body as a result of negative experiences and trauma we endure through life. Bree will use muscle testing to identify the stored trauma and release it using a cold light laser on the meridian points.  


Virtual Muscle Testing

Our bodies have an energetic field that houses the information contained in our subconscious minds. This information can include trauma, physical toxins, and pathogens. Muscle testing is a method to get biofeedback from the body through the use of a pendulum. Bree can connect to the energy of the body to identify what is holding your child back. This can be done virtually due to quantum physics and the theory of quantum entanglement.

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Alexa Young, CA

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