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About Bree 

Literacy Expanded started with Bree, the mother of three children who are amazingly bright and are often not seen for their strengths. She navigated the system to find supports for her children's dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and trauma but constantly felt defeated. Even with her expertise, she found that the school system wasn't set up to accommodate the needs of her children and was in a constant battle for support. Therefore, she decided expand her education in the science of reading and structured literacy. She stepped away from the classroom and started tutoring struggling readers. In her experience working with neurodiverse children, she saw that there was a missing piece. Therefore, she began doing more research, taking courses in trauma informed teaching, energy work, and holistic health. She found that the key to supporting kids in becoming better in literacy is through working with the whole child.  


Oftentimes, kids who don't fit into the mold of what the traditional education system values become traumatized by the constant pressure and daily feelings of failure. When you combine structured, multi-sensory literacy AND energy work that targets and removes traumatic imprints, children become more confident. They will begin to thrive in life and in literacy. 

At Literacy Expanded, we have seen that when you merge Orton-Gillingham tutoring with Mind Body Spirit Release™ amazing growth happens.  We want to help others who are on a similar journey. Literacy Expanded is a place that offers an alternative approach established in best practices. 



 We are grounded in the science of reading. We believe that systematic structured literacy is the best approach for all children. 

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Growth Mindset

We focus on each child's strengths and encourage them to see opportunity in areas of growth. We build confidence and embrace challenges. 

Whole Child

We focus on the whole child. We provide opportunities to heal from educational trauma so that your  child can truly succeed in all areas of their life. 

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Our Mission 

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At Literacy Expanded, we focus on the whole child. We build relationships and approach our tutoring through a trauma-informed teaching and encourage a growth mindset. Our support strategies are anchored in the science of reading, structured literacy, and the Orton-Gillingham approach. 

Support from Literacy Expanded will change your child's life. Literacy Expanded works with expert teachers to build students' confidence and support all learners. We offer a combination of tutoring and MBSR™so that your child will thrive . 


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