About Us

Literacy Expanded started with Bree, the mother of three children who are amazingly bright and are often not seen for their strengths because they live in a world that may not know the positives of dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, trauma, and ADHD. 


Bree understands how difficult it can be when your child is first diagnosed with a health impairment or when you are told that your child may have a deficit in literacy - it's not an easy road - and she has been there.  


Bree wants to help others who are on a similar journey. She hopes to make Literacy Expanded a place that parents can turn to for resources and tutoring so they don’t have to navigate this journey alone. 

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Our Mission 

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At Literacy Expanded, we focus on the whole child. We build relationships and approach our tutoring through a trauma-informed teaching lens. Our support strategies are anchored in the Science of Reading, Structured Literacy, and the Orton-Gillingham Approach. 

Literacy Expanded tutoring will change your child's life. Literacy Expanded works with expert teachers to build students' confidence and support all learners.